We would like to inform you that, for several reasons, all courses will remain online until the end of the school year.

Firstly, it is our priority that the health of students and teachers is not put at risk so, clearly, online courses are better.

Secondly, there is no clear information from the government about the opening of language schools. However, it is clear that we cannot keep students two meters from each other in the classrooms or in the corridor. Also, according to procedures for state schools, classrooms need to be cleaned after lessons and this would make it impossible to keep to our/your timetable.

Thirdly, the online courses are progressing well. Students who attend the lessons enjoy them and in fact they especially help students who are shy or unable to concentrate in "real classrooms" as the environment enables everyone to communicate with a degree of privacy and without distraction. Finally, the courses are coming to an end and it would be pointless to put people at risk just for two or three lessons.

However, since the experience this year has been a bit strange, and we congratulate and thank students for adapting and using the online option, we will extend the courses, free of charge, for a number of weeks. If you have not used the online courses, please try them... If you have any technical problems, you can always call me for help.

Alan Windsor

22. května 2020

Jedinečná škola v blanském regionu,
erá nabízí:

více než 20 let zkušeností

              kurzy pro všechny úrovně pokročilosti včetně dětských kurzů

       přípravu na mezinárodní jazykové zkoušky IELTS a Cambridge ESOL
                                                    všech úrovní

                      individuální i skupinovou výuku, firemní kurzy

                                             překlady a korektury textů

"English Studio je lepší než škola, do které jsem chodila v Londýně."
Marie S.